Municipal Court Procedures

Chapter 800 of the Wisconsin State Statutes (WI §) is dedicated to municipal court procedures overall and WI § 800.035 explains the procedures for initial appearances in municipal court. First, you should check the upper left corner of your citation to see if your appearance is MANDATORY or REQUIRED. If your court appearance is not MANDATORY or REQUIRED, you may avoid appearing in court by submitting our plea sheet to the Municipal Court Clerk in which you will enter a plea of not guilty, guilty, or no contest (click here for PLEA SHEET).  Another way you can avoid appearing in court is by simply paying the deposit amount listed on the citation (click here for payment options) and a plea of no contest will be entered for you. Either option must be completed prior to the court date listed on your citation.



Municipal Court is held at the Wrightstown Village Hall, 352 High Street.


This is a court of law.  Rules of evidence and proper decorum are expected.  Please be quiet when court is in session so all individuals can be heard and present their case without distraction.  ALL HATS MUST BE REMOVED. CELL PHONES WILL ALSO BE SILENCED AND PUT AWAY.  Persons who fail to conduct themselves in an orderly manner will be asked to leave and may be cited for contempt of court.  For more information see our Municipal Court Handout provided at in person proceedings.

The Village of Wrightstown is committed to ensuring that you are treated with the courtesy and respect that every citizen has a right to expect from judicial officers.  The court, in return, expects the same courtesy and respect.

These matters are not considered criminal in natures, so you are free to seek representation by an attorney at your own expense as you are NOT entitled to a public defender appointment. The State Bar of Wisconsin has a web page for people searching for an attorney.


The citation will be read and potential penalties and other consequences will be explained.  You will then be asked to enter a plea of “guilty”,  “not guilty” or “no contest”.  You may request a continuance for purposes of consulting with legal counsel or for other valid reasons.

If you enter a plea of guilty, it is an admission to the charge.  The arresting officer’s report will typically be reviewed by the Judge. Restitution may be ordered in some cases.  You will be allowed to make a statement before a penalty is assessed.  You will receive an order outlining your penalty before you leave.  If a forfeiture is imposed, be prepared to pay the full amount on the date of the hearing.  If you are unable to pay due to economic circumstances you may request an installment payment plan.(click here for Payment Plan Agreement form)

A plea of no contest is similar to a plea of guilty and will also result in a finding of guilt.  However, with a no contest pleas, you admit to no civil liability in connection with the incident, such as a claim for damages.  The arresting officer’s report will be reviewed by the Judge.  Restitution may be ordered in some cases.  As with a plea of guilty, you may offer comments or explanations which you deem relevant to the fact or sentencing by the court.  Before leaving, you will receive an order outlining your penalty.  If a forfeiture is imposed, be prepared to pay the full amount on the date of the hearing.  If you are unable to pay due to economic circumstances you may request an installment payment plan.

If you enter a plea of not guilty, you deny the charges against you.  Before leaving, you will be given a Notice of Pretrial and Pretrial instructions. You may request a continuance for purposes of consulting with legal counsel or for other valid reasons.


If you are charged with a violation WI § 346.63 (operating a motor vehicle while under the influence) and the companion, operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration, you may request to have your case transferred, depending on where the violation occurred, to Brown or Outagamie County Circuit Court for a jury trial.  A written request for a transfer and payment of all required fees must be made within 10 days of entering your plea. This may be done in person or by submitting your plea in writing (see PLEA SHEET) to the Wrightstown Municipal Court. If you do not properly request the jury trial within this period, you are forever barred and your case will be heard in this court. Only Drunk/Drugged Driving cases can be transferred to circuit court. A jury trial cannot be requested for any other municipal/traffic charge.


In accordance with WI § 800.05 you also have the right to have a trial in another Municipal Court.


We now hold separate court sessions for adults and juveniles. Adult Court will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Juvenile Court will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Most traffic citations will be seen in Adult Court. All court sessions will begin at 3:30pm. Other hearings could be scheduled on various dates and times when deemed appropriate or as needed. Except for juvenile court/hearings, all municipal court proceedings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend.

Our COVID-19 Reopen Plan has been approved by the District 8 Chief Judge. However, in the interest of safety and convenience, we have chosen to continue to hold adult initial appearance court sessions via the internet using Zoom. The only live, “in-person” proceedings will be any juvenile initial appearance court sessions, any juvenile hearings and all trials.


Thursday January 14, 2021 at 3:30 pm. Link to join court session (you will need tp install the “Zoom” App once you click on the link if you do not have it already installed)


None scheduled at this time

2020 Completed Court Dates

  • January 09
  • February 13
  • March 12
  • ***April 16 – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19
  • May 13 – Virtual Juvenile Hearing via “”
  • ***May 14 – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19
  • June 11 – Virtual Court held via “”
  • July 9 – Virtual Adult Court held via “”
  • July 16 – Juvenile Court not needed
  • July 21 – Virtual Juvenile Hearing via “”
  • August 13 – Virtual Adult Court held via “”
  • August 20 – Juvenile Court not needed
  • September 10 – Virtual Adult Court held via “”
  • September 17 – Juvenile Court not needed
  • October 8 – Virtual Adult Court held via “”
  • October 15 – Juvenile Court not needed
  • November 5 – 2 Bench Trials
  • November 12 – Virtual Adult Court held via “”
  • November 19 – Juvenile Court In-Person held
  • December 10 – Virtual Adult Court held via “”



If there are other Municipal Court records you are interested in, please visit our Public Records Request page.