Snowmobile Information


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Village residents are reminded that they cannot ride their sleds from their home to the trail.  This is currently not allowed in our ordinances.

Snowmobile Parking in the Village is only allowed:

  1. East side of the river: on the east side of CTH ZZ (Washington Street) just south of High St. along the road; and
  2. West side of the river: by the railroad tracks where the trail comes into the Village from the north, next to Cedar St.

Sleds are allowed to leave the trail to go to the gas stations and to use the bridge to get across the river.  Sleds are not allowed on the bridge sidewalks. They must stay on the road.  Sleds may not be on any other street or sidewalk in the Village.

Please use the parking lot between the Post Office and AJ’s Tavern to travel between the gas station and the trail near the railroad tracks on the west side of the river.

We are pleased to work closely with the local snowmobile club and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable season!


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