Name Role Email Telephone
Main Number – DPW 101 Washington St., Wrightstown, WI 54180 920.532.0434
Main Number – Village Hall 352 High St., Wrightstown, WI 54180 920.532.5567
Bowers, Shelia Clerk / Treasurer Email Me 920.532.5567 Ext – 12
Coenen, Travis Administrator Email Me 920.532.5567 Ext – 13
Coffey, Dan Building Inspector 920.418.1820
Denor, Mike Assessor Email Me 920.468.9698
Diedrick, Sharon Court / Police Clerk Email Me 920.532.5567 Ext – 20
Buechel, Erica Public Works Administrative Assistant Email Me 920.532.0434 Ext – 40
Vickman, Andy Superintendent of Public Works Email Me 920.532.0434 Ext – 42
Deike, Greg Police Chief Email Me 920.532.5567 Ext – 22
Leitermann, Patti Deputy Clerk / Treasurer Email Me 920.532.5567 Ext – 11
Schampers, Mike Fire Chief Email Me 920.532.4556


Name Role Email Telephone
*Erickson, Dean Village President Email Me 920-532-0788
Byers, Sue Finance & Personnel Chair Email Me 920-912-5139
Lundt, Andy Public Safety Chair Email Me 920-217-4034
Reignier, Scott Email Me 920-532-5567
Schaeuble, Terry Parks, Recreation, & Regional Planning Chair Email Me 920-764-0006
Segerstrom, Dan Public Works & Utilities Chair Email Me 920-532-5051
Wendlandt, Keith Email Me 920-256-1346


Name Role Email Telephone
Segerstrom, Dan Planning Commission Member Email Me 920-532-5051
Wendlandt, Keith Planning Commission Member Email Me 920-256-1346
Fandrey, Bob Vice Chair – Planning Commission Email Me
Kaster, Gary Planning Commission Member Email Me
Kiel, Pat Planning Commission Member
Macario, Ryan Planning Commission Member Email Me
Schaeuble, Terry Chair, Planning Commission Email Me 920-764-0006

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