Name Role Email Telephone
Main Number – DPW 101 Washington St., Wrightstown, WI 54180 920.532.0434
Main Number – Village Hall 352 High St., Wrightstown, WI 54180 920.532.5567
Coenen, Travis Village Administrator/Dir Public Works & Util Email 920.532.5567 Ext – 13
Deike, Greg Police Chief Email 920.532.5567 Ext – 22
Diedrick, Sharon Court/Police Clerk Email 920.532.5567 Ext – 20
Seidl, Michelle Clerk/Treasurer Email 920.532.5567 Ext – 12
Bowers, Shelia Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Email 920.532.5567 Ext – 10
Leitermann, Patti Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Email 920.532.5567 Ext – 11
Vickman, Andy Superintendent of Public Works Email 920.532.0434 Ext – 42
Buechel, Erica Public Works Administrative Assistant Email 920.532.0434 Ext – 40
Schampers, Mike Fire Chief Email 920.532.4556
Coffey, Dan Building Inspector Email 920-418-1820
Denor, Mike Assessor Email 920.468.9698


Name Role Email Telephone
*Erickson, Dean Village President Email 920-532-0788
Byers, Sue Finance Chair Email 920-912-5139
Lundt, Andy Public Works & Utilities Chair Email 920-217-4034
Reignier, Scott Public Safety Chair Email 920-532-5567
Schaeuble, Terry Regional Planning Chair Email 920-764-0006
Segerstrom, Dan Park & Rec/Regional Planning/Pub Wks Email 920-532-5051
Wendlandt, Keith Personnel Chair Email 920-256-1346



Name Role Email Telephone
Segerstrom, Dan Planning Commission Member Email 920-532-5051
Wendlandt, Keith Planning Commission Member Email 920-256-1346
Fandrey, Bob Vice Chair – Planning Commission Email 920-819-8074
Kaster, Gary Planning Commission Member Email 920-469-4680
Kiel, Pat Planning Commission Member Email 920-894-5001
Macario, Ryan Planning Commission Member Email 920-532-4743
Schaeuble, Terry Chair, Planning Commission Email 920-764-0006


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