Police Department Employees

Chief Greg Deike
Defense and Arrest Tactics Instructor, Professional Communications Instructor, Tactical Response Instructor, Emergency Medical Technician-Advanced, Field Training Officer

Investigator Heather Martin
Domestic Violence Intervention Team, Field Training Officer, Crisis Intervention Team

Officer Gary De Winter
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Community Relations Officer ,Glock Armorer, Squad Maintenance,
Field Training Officer, Crisis Intervention Team

Investigator Michael Sullivan
Brown County Arson Task Force, Wrightstown Fire Inspector, Vehicle Contacts Instructor, Tactical Response Instructor, Constitutional Law Instructor, Field Training Officer, Training Officer

Officer Breten Vande Hey
Part-time Police Officer, Wrightstown Firefighter

Inspector Jerry Young
Salvage Inspector, Defense and Arrest Tactics Instructor, Handgun/Rifle Instructor,
Vehicle Contacts Instructor, Pursuit Driving Instructor

Brianna Schommer
Police Administrative Clerk, Certified Police Officer


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