Storm Water Collection


Included in the most recent version of the newsletter was an article regarding sump pump discharge. Please note that it is illegal to connect your sump pump to village sanitary sewers, however, you may discharge onto sidewalks and village streets between April 1 and October 31.


The storm water collection system in Wrightstown consists of nearly 14 miles of storm water collection mains and 8 storm water detention ponds. The storm water collection system exists to limit the flooding of village streets and to protect water quality prior to entering the Fox River. As the storm water is collected from the streets through the catch-basins and enters the detention ponds, any debris such as grass, leaves, and dirt particles will settle out in the pond, prior to any potential discharge to the Fox River. Typically, every six to ten years each pond will need to be cleaned. To extend the time frame between pond cleanings, residents and businesses should avoid cutting grass and weeds into village streets. This practice severely impacts the operating life of the ponds, as well as increases the maintenance costs associated with cleaning or dredging the storm water detention ponds.


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