If you receive a citation for a violation WI § 346.63 (operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, whether it is alcohol or drugs) and the companion citation (operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration or detectable amount of a controlled substance) you may request to have your case transferred to either Brown or Outagamie County Circuit Court for a jury trial. The Circuit Court is determined by where the violation occurred.

A written request for a transfer and payment of all required fees MUST be made within 10 days of entering your plea. This may be done in person at the Wrightstown Municipal Court or by mailing your written request and your plea (see PLEA SHEET) to the Municipal Court Clerk. If you do not properly request the jury trial within this period, you are forever barred and your case will be heard in this court. Only Drunk/Drugged Driving cases can be transferred to Circuit Court. A jury trial cannot be requested for any other municipal/traffic charge.

Penalties for a conviction of drunk/drugged driving vary depending on the facts of the case. Most penalties include a suspension or revocation of your driving privilege and the potential for the ordering of the installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicles, in addition to any monetary amount.

For more information on drunk/drugged driving violations please visit the Wisconsin DMV web page (click HERE)