Municipal Court FAQ’s

Q.    What if I can’t make my scheduled court date?

A. If you can’t make your scheduled court date, you should contact the Municipal Court. All requests are subject to approval by the Municipal Judge.

Q.    What if I missed my court date?

A. If you missed your court date you will receive notice of judgment by mail and given time to pay the fine amount set by the Judge.

Q.    What if I need time to pay or possibly setup a payment plan?

A. If you need additional time to pay you must contact the Municipal Court office prior to the court date or due date, complete the payment plan form Payment Plan Agreement email to , mail to the Municipal Court Office or drop off at 352 High St Wrightstown; for approval by the Municipal Judge.

Q.    What if my driver license is suspended, how can I reinstate them?

A. First you must pay all past due fines and forfeitures.  Second you must go to the Dept of Motor Vehicles and verify that license can be reinstated and pay appropriate fees to the DMV.

Q.     How can I determine what my driving status is? 

A.   For questions on reinstating your driver’s license check the DMV’s website at:

You need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicle by calling 1-800-924-3570 or online at