Village of Wrightstown

Annual Noxious Weeds, Grass, and Vegetation Notice

Notice is hereby given that Section 130-3, Public Nuisances Affecting Health of the Village of Wrightstown Municipal Code states:

All noxious weeds shall be destroyed on all lands which he or she shall own, occupy, or control pursuant to Section 66.0407 of Wisconsin Statutes.

All lawns, grasses, and noxious weeds shall not be allowed to grow to a height exceeding eight inches on developed property, and twelve inches in height on undeveloped property within the Village limits.

Entire vacant lots are to be cut; no partial maintenance will be accepted.

Any lawns, grasses, and noxious weeds exceeding the heights listed above on developed property shall be cut upon the owner’s receipt of a written notice giving five days to perform such work.

Owners of undeveloped property will receive a written notice, on a one-time annual basis, to serve as a reminder of this ordinance.

Should any person fail to destroy all noxious weeds and maintain the heights listed above, the Village shall abate the nuisance and the cost thereof shall be assessed to the property owner as a special charge, pursuant to Municipal Code Chapter 102, and Section 66.0627 of Wisconsin Statutes.

No person shall cause or intentionally deposit grass, weeds, or leaves from his/her property on to any street in the Village.

Chapter 130-3 can be viewed on the Public Works web page at Please call 532-0434 with questions.

Travis Coenen
Director of Public Works and Utilities
Weed Commissioner

Published Brillion News April 30 and May 7, 2015
Published Wrightstown Spirit May 6 and May 13, 2015