Municipal Court Vision – Mission – Values

The Vision

We will be a municipal court:

  • that maintains its independence while strengthening relations with the public and works in collaboration with the other branches of municipal government
  • that is acknowledged as an example of unbiased, efficient and effective judicial proceedings
  • that provides quality service that continuously improves and meets or exceeds public expectations
  • that earns the respect and confidence of an informed public

Our Mission Is

  • to provide professional court proceedings which follow the rule of law fairly, treating everyone with dignity and respect; and
  • to impartially adjudicate local ordinance and traffic violations such that the legal rights and liberties of individuals, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, the State of Wisconsin and the Village of Wrightstown, are preserved and public interest is protected

We Value T.H.E. L.A.W.

TOLERANCE – Tolerance is respecting and appreciating the culture of others in our community, accepting their opinions and preferences, even when they live in a way that we don’t agree with. It is vital to the functioning of a modern democracy where individual rights and freedoms are recognized and protected.

HONESTY – Honesty promotes openness and truth. It empowers us and enables us to develop consistency in how we present the facts. Honesty sharpens our perception and allows us to observe everything around us with clarity. Integrity is part of honesty. It means being true to yourself and your values.

EMPATHY – Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s perspective or circumstance whether you agree with this person or not. Empathetic people are curious and possess a desire to know and understand others. Empathy is also about acting and behaving with compassion for both victims and defendants. Justice is fairness. A just sentence would be one where the penance fits the prohibited act, taking into account the individuals involved and ability to prevent future occurrences.

LEARNING – Learning is essential to our existence. Like food nourishes our bodies, information and continued learning nourishes our minds. It is a necessary part in acquiring critical thinking skills and discovering new ways of relating to people from different cultures and backgrounds. We recognize that learning continues throughout our lives and see learning as essential to competent citizenship in a democracy. We know that learning changes minds and lives.

ACCEPTANCE – We believe that, sometimes, life can be really hard and unfair. Acceptance allows us make room for curiosity that can lead to us discovering the barriers to change thus fostering mutual respect with each other and our community.

WISDOM – is the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgement. It’s taking what we’ve learned, using it in beneficial ways and having the courage to do the right thing. It’s not only about what we learn, but what we do with that knowledge that’s important.