Sharps Drop Off Location

The Village of Wrightstown is pleased to announce that the Bellin Health Family Medical Center, located at 555 Quality Court in Wrightstown, will begin accepting sharps containers for used medical needles, syringes, and lancets. These items must be placed in the appropriate red biohazard sharps container and they may be dropped-off at the front desk of the Bellin Health Family Medical Center during Monday – Friday (8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.). Any items not contained in a red biohazard sharps container will not be accepted by Bellin.

There is no fee for this service and there is no requirement that a participating individual be a patient of the Bellin Health Center. The Village reminds all residents that these medical items should not be placed in the normal curbside trash containers, as they present a potential hazard to individuals who pick-up and process the trash.

The Village would like to gratefully acknowledge the support and cooperation of the Bellin Health Family Medical Center and their staff for offering this service.

For additional information, please call Village Hall at 532-5567 or the Bellin Health Center at 532-6320

Stray Animals

Beginning on January 1, 2007, the village will take stray dogs and cats to the Fox Valley Humane Society (733-1717) in Appleton located at N115 Two Mile Rd. Citizens who find a stray animal are encouraged to take them to the Fox Valley Humane Society, or you may call the Police Department during business hours at 532-6007. Individuals who have lost a pet should call the Fox Valley Humane Society to determine if it has been turned in to the shelter.

Please note that the village no longer takes stray animals to the Bay Area Humane Society in Green Bay.

PCB Hauling Update

On about April 12, 2010 the PCB trucks will again be traveling through the village.  The contracted trucking firm is Gene Fredrickson Trucking based out of Kaukauna.  There trucks have a white cab with an aluminum dump bed, and the company name on the door.  If you have questions regarding the hauling, or wish to comment you are free to contact Scott Stein.  Scott is the Public Relations Manager for the Fox River Cleanup Group and his contact information is: phone 920-965-7750, cell phone 920-676-0711, and e-mail: sstein@lfpublicrelations.com.

For additional information on the project please click on this link http://www.foxrivercleanup.com/,
or you can obtain a project brochure available at village hall.

Lost and Found Items

The Village of Wrightstown maintains a lost and found box at Village Hall. Any personal items found at public parks, or other public areas of the Village, may be dropped off at Village Hall. Individuals who have lost objects are welcome to visit Village Hall to claim their items.