Online colleges have come a long way in the last decade. Once a rare offering from a small handful of schools, online coursework is now a common feature of a student’s postsecondary degree path. According to a 2015 Babson Research Survey, 70.8% of academic leaders stated that online learning is now a fundamental part of their postsecondary institution’s long-term growth strategy. Furthermore, the growth rate among students enrolled in online college programs again exceeds that of traditional programs at all schools. Online learning enrollment has been highest at four-year nonprofit and public institutions in the last few years.

The introduction of online education has proven to be a viable option for millions of students, who might otherwise not be able to attend a postsecondary institution due to cost, location, or other priorities such as family and job constraints. Many of the best online schools offer the same curriculum and teaching faculty, along with the flexibility and increased affordability of learning off-campus.

How to Find the Best Online College for You

As with a residential college, finding the right school is a difficult and perhaps ultimately subjective exercise. Even among students interested in non-traditional subjects, it is easy to find a variety of colleges that can accommodate your academic interests and professional ambitions. For many, that means that finding a school with a quality curriculum and a flexible schedule at the right price is paramount.

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