Ade Automotive, LLC
Address: 370 Van Dyke St.
Wrightstown, WI 54180
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Don’t feel like picking up the phone today? You can now schedule appointments with Ade Automotive via e-mail. Send your information (name, vehicle, symptoms, preferred date, etc.) to We will get back to you immediately to confirm your appointment. Plus, you can opt to receive your estimate and progress updates by e-mail instead of by phone.

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Business Phone Number: 920.532.0797
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Address: 519 Washington St Wrightstown, WI 54180
Business Phone Number: 920.532.4468
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Address: 1588 Old School Pl Greenleaf, WI 54126
P.O. Box 133
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established in 1990 and incorporated in Wisconsin.

Business Phone Number: 920.621.3835
Business Phone Number: 920.864.2582
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